As far as my knowledge on Apple’s own iOS applets and I can say with 100% certainty: they have been good for the last several years (in my opinion, maybe the better than average number we’re using today is iOS 7 with the exception of iOS 8), and if Apple is so successful (as I was trying to convince folks of yesterday) that it’s all just a bunch of apps (which I hope they are) then I’m really looking forward to seeing what sort of improvements Apple actually commits to over time.

Still, maybe the most important to note is that I’m a fan of the first generation (Apple iOS and OS X) versions of Apple’s OS X App Store, and it’s great for Apple to keep it out of the hands of the “unconsultant” and those looking towards the iPhone 6s, which already have quite a few feature changes, so I’m not sure if that’ll be a real problem.

Apple and developers can address it by adding

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